Hi everyone! Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! When I'm not in front of the camera I'm a student who loves reading, hiking and cycling.

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2024.01.26 2024.01.19
Casa Revisited: Cooked Buns Casa Revisited: No Manager Special

2023.12.22 2023.12.08 2023.11.03
Spanking Stories 3: Riley Continued Spanking Stories 3: Riley Mischief Night: Aiden

2023.10.27 2023.09.08 2023.08.04
Mischief Night: Diego Cadet Caning: Chain of Command Cadet Caning: Riley Cane & Paddle

2023.07.21 2023.07.14 2023.02.10
Cadet Caning: Buzz Boys Double Cadet Caning: Buzz Boys Academy Discipline: Paddle Sailing

2023.02.03 2023.01.27 2023.01.06
Academy Discipline: On The Spot Academy Discipline: David & Straps Academy Discipline: Diego

2022.12.16 2022.12.09 2022.07.29
Academy Discipline: Alex & Marc Academy Discipline: Aiden Detention & Coach: Max & Trio

2022.07.15 2022.04.08 2021.11.12
Detention & Coach: Clean Up Red & White Stripes: Riley Fall Term: Coach's Send Off

2021.11.05 2021.10.29 2021.10.22
Fall Term: Coach & Max Fall Term: Coach & Aiden Fall Term: Coach & Prefect