Bloody Cadets
There seems to be something wrong with the bloody cadets at the academy these days: from gambling, to awol and even buzzing superior officers.

Featuring the talents of:


Released: June -> July 2023
Language: English

Spanker: Jackson | Spankees: Alex & David
After being late for morning flag raising, Alex and David have been assigned the task of chopping wood. Lt. Jackson Ng isn't amused when the duo continue to goof off: betting money on frisbee and even comparing muscles...

Spanker: Jackson | Spankees: Aiden & Eric | Guests: Alex & David
Cadet Aiden's low altitude high speed fly over of the training grounds - during morning flag raising no less - has earned him and dormmate Eric spots for punishment.

Spanker: Jackson | Spankees: Aiden, Alex, Eric, & David
The punishment concludes for the four errant cadets as Jackson brings out the big guns in the form of the birch!

Spanker: Diego | Spankees: Jacob & Martin
Cadets Jacob and Martin are AWOL from the academy as the 4th of July nears. Lt. Diego is sent out to find them and then set off some early fireworks.