Casa Revisited

Aiden's parents left him in charge of the their inn and restaurant - the Casa Montana. Due to his mismanagement tens of thousands of dollars have been lost. Last year Aiden's parents contracted a restaurant rescue firm - and their experts Diego and Jackson - to turn things around.

Unfortunately the Casa Montana is still struggling. It's mostly college age staff have returned to school and the Casa is having a hard time finding and retaining replacements. It's financial books are also a mess after Diego attempted to use some questionable tax saving tricks. The firm has sent in finance Riley French in an attempt to get the Casa Montana back on track.

Featuring the talents of:

Released: January 2024 to February 2024
Language: English & Spanish

Spanker: Juan | Spankee: Antonio
The Casa Montana desperately needs new staff. Juan is equally desperate to get the lazy and loafing Antonio a job outside of the house. Juan arranged an interview for Antonio at the Casa for a kitchen staff position, but Antonio blew it off...

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Aiden
Riley has arrived at the Casa in a attempt to set things straight. After a less than encouraging sampling of the cuisine, Riley confronts manager Aiden about the Casa's shoddy finances and bookkeeping - or in many cases lack thereof.

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Aiden & Diego
With Aiden in the corner, Riley next takes Diego to task, who has been unwisely cooking the Casa's books to save money on taxes. The books will not be the only things cooked though by the time he is done!

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: John
John, a newly hired chef at the Casa, didn't show up to work on the day of Riley's inspection. With the feeling of his own chastisement still fresh, Diego goes and tracks down the AWOL chef.

Spanker: Aiden | Spankee: David
David is the other newly hired chef at the Casa and he has not gotten off to a good start. Customers keep sending back food and there are persistent supply issues in his kitchen. Manager Aiden, in a rare show of initiative, decides to punish the new chef.

Spanker: Juan | Spankee: Antonio
We end our revisit to the Casa where it began. A chance glance at Antonio's mobile phone by Juan reveals the real reason Antonio skipped his interview at the Casa... he was already 'employed'.