Spanking Stories 3
We sit down with another group of our actors for a series of out of character interviews followed by a bit of tongue-in-cheek punishment.

Featuring the talents of:

October 2023 -> March 2024
Language: English & Spanish (w/ English Subtitles)

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Aiden
Hector sits down for an out of character interview with Aiden in front of the fireplace. Before the fire is applied to Aiden's backside, the two chat about Aiden's experiences at BLS and a few other topics.

Interviewer: Hector | Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Riley
Riley French is back for the first part of a wide ranging interview with Hector. The interview is followed by a session from Diego - who is all too eager to repay the many spankings he has received from Riley over the past few years!

Interviewer: Hector | Spankers: Aiden & Diego | Spankee: Riley
Aiden arrives and isn't amused that he has been left out the chance to repay Riley for the many spankings he too has received. It's time for Aiden to take his revenge alongside Diego.

Before that fun begins though, Riley sits down with Hector for the second half of a wide ranging interview.

Spanker: Juan | Spankee: Marc
Juan sits down for an interview with Marc. Before Juan turns Marc's bottom red, the two talk about Marc's filming experiences and a few other topics.

Spanker: Juan | Spankee: Fernando
Juan sits down for an interview with Fernando. The two chat about a number of topics, before Fernando's bum is turned a nice shade of red.

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: John
We conclude Spanking Stories 3 with John, who is interviewed and smacked by Diego.